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2019 Summer - What is the future for animal agriculture? John Ralph Essay Competition 2019

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FPJ1604F - Champness, M (2019), What is the future for animal agriculture?

Champness, M (2019), What is the future for animal agriculture?, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 4, Summer 2019, pp. 38-44, Surry Hills, Australia.

Animal agriculture in Australia has historically been a prosperous industry, with the national economy proudly ‘riding on the sheep’s back’ throughout the mid-20th century. Despite shifts in specific industries’ contribution, overall, animal agriculture is a significant employer and contributor to the Australian economy. Yet the future of animal agriculture in Australia is uncertain. Increasing climatic variability, enormous social pressures, competition with alternative protein sources, difficulty sourcing labour and capital, and small farming returns are just some of the challenges facing animal agriculture. However, except for dairy, there is no mass exit from the animal agriculture sector. This highlights the complexity of the topic, as well as indicating hope for the industry.






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