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2019 Summer - What is the future for animal agriculture? John Ralph Essay Competition 2019

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FPJ1604E - Mills, G (2019), The future of animal agriculture

Mills, G (2019), The future of animal agriculture, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 4, Summer 2019, pp. 32-37, Surry Hills, Australia.

The vegan and vegetarian diet has long been a part of modern society. Through religious observance or other personal or cultural beliefs, the possibility that the body can be sustained by a diet excluding animal products has been established for generations. Animal-free diets are not without their challenges and proper attention to the diet to ensure nutritional sufficiency is very important. Replacing animals on a plate with other sources of nutrition is definitely a possibility but replacing the role of animals in society would represent a far greater challenge.
Animals do not exist in our society simply because they taste good. Primarily animals have become an integral key to the success of human society as animals convert food we cannot eat, into food we can. Examination of historical or modern villages shows animals are an integral part of the community’s functionality.



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