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2019 Summer - What is the future for animal agriculture? John Ralph Essay Competition 2019

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FPJ1604D - Van Eenennaam, A (2019), Sheep brains for breakfast

Van Eenennaam, A (2019), Sheep brains for breakfast, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 4, Summer 2019, pp. 20-30, Surry Hills, Australia.

Simply put, Australians now consume around one-fifth of the amount of sheep meat they did in 1963. The sheep population has decreased by more than a half, and those remaining are more than twice as productive, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of a serving of lamb, while bringing in more than A$4.3 billion in export revenue in 2017–18. What an amazing all-around sustainability win for agricultural science and Australia! Yet, that is not how these developments play out in popular discourse. Red meat has become public enemy number one, despite the fact that lamb and beef consumption have decreased since the 1960s, while market share of less-expensive chicken has trebled, and pork has doubled.



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