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2019 Summer - What is the future for animal agriculture? John Ralph Essay Competition 2019

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FPJ1604B - Ramsden, J (2019), Same same, but different: creating positive futures for Australian animal agriculture

Ramsden, J (2019), Same same, but different: creating positive futures for Australian animal agriculture, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 4, Summer 2019, pp. 4-11, Surry Hills, Australia.

Australia’s animal agriculture industries are a major contributor to Australia’s GDP, a significant earner of export revenue and a major employer both on-farm and indirectly. They have nourished our nation by providing food and fibre to generations of Australians and occupy an important place in our nation’s history. With seemingly endless headlines like “why Australians are turning away from meat” and “the best way to save the planet: drop meat and dairy”, it is easy to feel despondent about the future of animal agriculture in Australia. Whether or not you agree with those headlines, it is impossible and unwise to ignore them. Instead of feeling angry or overwhelmed or defensive, it can be helpful to understand the bigger picture context in which they occur (both philosophically and over time), and to keep that in perspective. Though while perspective can be comforting, its value lies not in justifying a status quo, but in revealing potential futures – and the choices and opportunities we have to create them. 



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