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2019 Autumn - Disruptions in agricultural trade

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FPJ1601J - Hutchinson, P (2019), Bumps on the road to opportunity for red meat sector

FPJ1601J - Hutchinson, P (2019), Bumps on the road to opportunity for red meat sector; in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, Autumn 2019, pp. 63-68, Surry Hills, Australia.

The future for the Australian red meat industry is bright, but there’s work to be done in order to get there. Four of the main issues to address may be perceived either as challenges or opportunities: i.e. cost to operate; the global context; social pressures; and the chance for a major policy reset post-election.
Australian meat processors are dealing with operating costs which are dramatically higher than their key global competitors, which adds up to intense and unrelenting competitive pressure right across the global supply chain. While social pressures are currently a greater issue in developed markets, activism will likely follow growth in developing markets and a critical eye will inevitably be cast on animal welfare.
Policy consistency and coherence in these and other areas are required if our industry is going to be competitive and profitable. Australia needs to take a longer-term strategic view, away from the churn of the electoral cycle and populist views.
Coming concerns or trends for the industry to watch include biosecurity, consumer preferences, and the agriculture sector’s contribution to climate disruption. With the global population expected to be almost 10 billion by 2050, how do we offer this growing population the diet they want and still do our part on climate change?



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