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2019 Autumn - Disruptions in agricultural trade

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FPJ1601F - Caston, K & Weston, AM (2019), Australia: the next global hub for Agriculture 4.0

FPJ1601F - Caston, K & Weston, AM (2019), Australia: the next global hub for Agriculture 4.0, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, Autumn 2019, pp. 27-33, Surry Hills, Australia.

The Australian agriculture and food sector is attracting new interest in its technology and innovation capability. Some of the new food supply chain technologies include biotechnology, smart farming, robotics, sensing technology, IoT connectivity, bio-security, food production and processing, traceability, provenance and food quality surveillance.
These ‘Agriculture 4.0’ technologies enable the agriculture and food sector to become more profitable, efficient, safe, and sustainable – while meeting the changing demands of increasingly-savvy consumers. Agriculture 4.0 technologies will enable Australia to achieve ambitious agricultural production targets with flow-on export growth in agtech and foodtech products and services.
Australia is a global leader in agricultural research and innovation. We offer international businesses many diverse partnership opportunities in breakthrough research and technology solutions that have strong commercialisation potential. The close working relationship between Australian farmers, food producers, research institutions and government is driving this innovation.
Austrade is working with the entire ecosystem to build on this advantage, through its ‘Australia for Agriculture 4.0’ initiative. The collaboration aims to showcase Australia’s capability across the entire agriculture and food supply chain. The initiative will facilitate improved information flow, connections and collaborations to achieve uplift in agriculture and food trade and investment and ultimately, Australia’s economic growth.



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