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2019 Autumn - Disruptions in agricultural trade

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FPJ1601C - Fell, J (2019), The future of Chinese agricultural policy

FPJ1601C - Fell, J (2019), The future of Chinese agricultural policy, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, Autumn 2019, pp. 8-11, Surry Hills, Australia.

China has announced major changes in its direction of agricultural policy. This report provides a qualitative assessment of the reforms, focussing on the 2017 announcements.
The changes feature principally supply-side structural reform of Chinese agriculture. Reforms are also regulatory, with a major focus on food quality and safety rules. The outlook for Australia’s grain exports to China is mixed. However, the changes present new opportunities for Australian livestock product exporters and other countries are already exploiting the demand for improved livestock genetics. The growing demand from China for agricultural products is expected to remain a major influence on Australian agriculture regardless of policy changes. Based on the direction of China’s agricultural policies and Australia’s growth in trade with China, there are potential areas for greater focus to achieve outcomes that are in the interest of both countries. At present, agricultural cooperation in the areas of biosecurity, genetics, food safety and policy development appear the most promising. .



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