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Farm Policy Journals

The Farm Policy Journal is published quarterly by the Australian Farm Institute. It contains invited and contributed articles, addressing a range of policy issues that impact on agriculture. Australian Farm Institute members receive copies of the Journal, and it is also available by subscription, in either hardcopy or electronic format.

The Farm Policy Journal welcomes contributions on topical farm policy issues from suitably qualified persons. Instructions for Authors may be accessed here.

ISSN: 1449-2210 (print), 1449-8812 (online)
Publisher: Australian Farm Institute

Please note single Journal articles are not available in hard copy

2020 Winter - Shifting sands: ag policy in a post-truth era

2020 Autumn - Evolving conservation agriculture

2019 Summer - What is the future for animal agriculture? John Ralph Essay Competition 2019

2019 Spring - Managing agriculture’s ecosystem services

2019 Winter - A thirst for certainty; irrigation in the Murray-Darling Basin

2019 Autumn - Disruptions in agricultural trade

2018 Summer - Should society determine the right to farm?

2018 Spring - Tax and regulation for farm business sustainability

2018 Winter - Is agriculture ready for autonomy?

2018 Autumn - Special Edition: Accelerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture

2017 Summer - Consolidation and competition in agricultural markets

2017 Spring - Getting regional infrastructure right

2017 Winter - Twenty years on, the GM debate continues

2017 Autumn - The changing agricultural workforce

2016 Summer - Farm stewardship programs in Australia

2016 Spring - Can Australia’s biosecurity standards survive in a free trade era?

2016 Winter - Understanding the value of agricultural land

2016 Autumn - Switching on farm innovation

2015 Summer - Australian agriculture, pursuing premium markets or productivity

2015 Spring - Will consumers stop agricultural technology?

2015 Winter - Labour matters in Australian agriculture

2015 Autumn - From Little Data Big Data Grow

2014 Summer - Brand Australia: Does Australian agriculture need a national brand?

2014 Spring - Setting the Score for Agricultural Competitiveness

2014 Winter - Can agriculture grow if food processing dies?

2014 Autumn - Farmers fare well with better animal welfare

2013 Summer - Do community perceptions of Australian agriculture really matter?

2013 Spring - Financing the future of farming

2013 Winter - Will the Murray-Darling Basin Plan improve with age?

2013 Autumn - Will supermarkets save or enslave agriculture

2012 Summer - Can Australia become the food bowl of Asia?

2012 Spring - Farm subsidies to continue, despite the crisis?

2012 Winter - Will corporate agriculture swallow the family farm?

2012 Autumn - Managing uncertainty in the world’s riskiest business

2011 Summer - food, fuel and climate change mitigation- can agriculture do it all

2011 Spring - A private future for food and fibre quality

2011 Winter - Foreign investment in Australian agriculture, myths and realities

2011 Autumn - Can agriculture manage a genetically modified future

2010 November - Are farmers and miners saving the day

2010 August - Growing more with less

2010 May - If I were the Australian Minister for Agriculture

2010 February - Bushfire policy, Do we need more than just an ounce of prevention

2009 November - It's easy being labelled, but not easy being green

2009 August - liberalism and protectionism - can you have the cake and eat it too

2009 May - hype, hope or just hard work - agriculture in northern Australia

2009 February - Hunger pains - the challenges of global food security

2008 November - emission impossible - agriculture’s role in emissions trading

2008 August - Who Will Mind the Farm- Tackling the Rural Skills Shortage

2008 May - New Kids on the Block - Emerging Agricultural Exporters

2008 February - Biosecurity Policy - Safe Trade or Safety Trade-Off

2007 November - Animal Welfare - Consumer Fashion or Passion

2007 August - Water Policy Reform - Will it Perform

2007 May - Biofuels - Can Agriculture Feed and Fuel the World

2007 February - China - Emerging Opportunity or Emerging Threat

2006 November - Environmental Management Systems - Is There Value in the Cost

2006 August - Regional Development Policy - Can It Work

2006 May - Drought - Developing Policy Before the Inevitable Dry

2006 February - Agricultural Research and Development - A Private Future

2005 November - Salinity and Native Vegetation - Policy Solutions Required

2005 August - Marketing On-Farm Environmental Services

2005 May - EU Agricultural Policy - Reforming or Just Rebadging

2005 February - Industrial Agriculture - Farming the Food Chain

2004 November - Climate Change - Can Agriculture Take the Heat

2004 August - Biotechnology Agriculture's Gene Revolution

2004 May - The Future of Farmers and Farming

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