P2D Project: Accelerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture

The Accelerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture (P2D) research program involved a series of discrete projects, supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural Research and Development for Profit program.

The projects addressed: how much digital technology will transform agriculture; the likely benefits and disadvantages these technologies will bring, and the issues the agricultural sector needs to address in order to effectively implement a digital strategy.

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The P2D program involved all 15 rural Research and Development Corporations and was focused on three primary aims:

  • Facilitating the development of digital technology in Australian agriculture.
  • Fostering the establishment of appropriate legal frameworks, data systems and access to critical datasets.
  • Identifying the data communications systems required to deliver the benefits of digital agriculture to the Australia farm and agribusiness sectors.

The findings clearly indicate a cohesive, whole-of-industry collaboration is needed for digital agriculture development. Many of the issues currently impeding digital maturity are common across sectors.

The P2D papers represent an important first step in what will need to be an extended and broad-ranging process, requiring a continuation of the cooperative effort which was demonstrated across RDCs and industry bodies to produce the research that underpins these findings.

Media Releases

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A blueprint for decision-making that delivers profit (19 June 2017) 

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The P2D Project has featured in two recent issues of the Farm Institute Insights newsletter, Accelerating precision agriculture to decision agriculture (August 2016) and Big data cooperatives in the United States (November 2016).

Project supporters:
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Meat and Livestock Australia
Dairy Australia
Grains Research and Development Corporation
Sugar Research Australia
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
Australian Wool Innovation
Horticulture Innovation Australia
Australian Pork Limited
Australian Grape & Wine Authority
Forestry and Wood Products Australia
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Australian Meat Processing Corporation
Australian Livestock Export Corporation Limited
Australian Egg Corporation Limited

Research providers:

Data to Decisions CRC
University of New England
Australian Farm Institute
Griffith University
University of the Sunshine Coast