Out & about

Recently the Institute’s Executive Director, Richard Heath has spoken at:

  • AARES 2019 Annual Conference, Melbourne
  • 40th Annual Victorian Farmers Federation Grains Conference, Geelong, Victoria
  • GRDC Grains Research Update, Bendigo, Victoria
  • ABARES Outlook 2019 Conference, Canberra
  • WA Farmers Annual Conference: Trending Ag 2019, Perth
  • CSIRO/Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Workshop, Canberra
  • Ag Excellence Alliance Ag Excellence Forum and Awards, Glenelg, South Australia

General Manager, Katie McRobert spoke at:

  • GRDC Farm Business Update, Geelong, Victoria
  • Regions Rising 2019 National Summit, Canberra 

AFI calendar

 RESEARCH  Reinventing Australian agricultural statistics  May
 PUBLICATION   Farm Policy Journal – vol. 16 no. 2   June
 Mid-year conference – Brisbane 26–27 June
 PUBLICATION  Insights – vol. 16 no. 3  August
 EVENT  Australian Agriculture Roundtable – Canberra  15 October 

AFI's mid-year conference: Farming in a risky climate – Brisbane, 26–27 June 2019

Farming in Australia has always been a risky proposition. The ability to manage risk well is one of the key attributes of successful farms and agribusinesses but the nature of risk is constantly changing – and the pace of that change is accelerating. The impacts of climate change are exacerbating the complexity of risk management throughout agricultural supply chains. 

How will the Australian agricultural industry mitigate the significantly increased range of risks facing the sector?
Agriculture’s changing risk exposure and management options will be the focus for the Australian Farm Institute’s next mid-year conference, in Brisbane on 26 & 27 of June.

Speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds will join panel sessions over the two days, covering topics including: 
  • A changing climate – what will the new agricultural environment look like?
  • The climate for trade – how much disruption will there be? 
  • Managing water resources 
  • Adaptable farming systems 
  • How much will a new climate alter our biosecurity exposure? 
  • Community trust – a new climate risk? 
For program details and registration go to the Farming in a risky climate conference page.