Vol. 16 | No. 1 | February 2019

From sheep’s back to moonshot:
meeting the 2030 targets

Big, bold targets provide focus, drive and purpose for an industry and lead to innovation and inspiration. When John F Kennedy announced in 1961 that men would walk on the moon and return safely to Earth by the end of the decade, the incredibly aspirational target provided a focal point for all those involved in the broad array of activities needed and success was achieved. 

Is $100 billion of farmgate output by 2030 an equivalent moonshot for agriculture? 

The Roadmap and the suggested actions required to reach the $100 billion target provide some truly ambitious, bold and relatable goals that arguably will be much more significant and transformational than the growth target alone. (more)



Fiona Simson and JP van Moort give their views on the viability of NFF's vision for Australian agriculture reaching $100 billion by 2030. Answering questions on: the importance of a growth target for Australian agriculture; whether Australian agriculture is well positioned to capture the most significant opportunities for growth; and how to overcome current threats to growth. (more)


Blockchain appears to hold the promise to deliver accurate, complete information about agricultural commodities and products in the value chain and to provide transactional security. However, to assess if the cost of implementing blockchain in agricultural supply chains will be worthwhile, it is important to quantify the value of a trusted supply chain. (more)


Six years after the historic Murray-Darling Basin Plan was finally agreed, two major reports released in January have dragged water management squarely back into the political spotlight. Both reports address underlying questions which have gone unanswered for decades: how is environmental benefit decided; who manages the water managers; and why is climate change still not part of the modelling? (more)


The AFI celebrates a milestone this year, with 2019 marking the 15th year of operation for the Institute. In that time, the Institute has addressed a broad range of contentious issues such as carbon trading policy, advocacy and agricultural representation, and water policy. It has also been at the forefront of investigating the implications of new impacts on the agricultural sector such as innovation and technology and social licence. (more)


Welcome to Insights: Profile a new feature in which you’ll get to know members of the Australian Farm Institute team. In this edition we introduce Dr Samuel Admassu, who joined AFI as a researcher in mid-January. Samuel brings a wealth of experience to the team, including a PhD in Economics from Deakin University. (more)


The Institute has featured in media coverage across a diverse range of issues in recent months, including drought policy, consumer focus on data for food choices, agtech solutions for the water crisis, the impact of mobile blackspots on farm management and the ongoing ripple effects of the Kyoto Protocol on agricultural business. (more)