Out and about

Recently the Institute’s Executive Director, Mick Keogh, has spoken at:

  • GRDC Farm Business Updates – Launceston, Tasmania; Osborne, NSW; Adelaide
  • 2016 Agribusiness Sheep Updates, Perth
  • AICC and KPMG IoT & AgTech Summit – Open Innovation in Agriculture panellist, Sydney
  • GrowAg, Albury, NSW
  • Australian Red Meat Industry’s Digital Strategy Forum, Brisbane
  • LIVEXforum 2016, Canberra.

Richard Heath, the Institute’s General Manager – Research, has spoken at:

  • 2016 Farmanco Client Conference, Scarborough, WA
  • GRDC Farm Business Updates – Dubbo, NSW; Goondiwindi, Queensland; Tamworth, NSW.

In the News

Foreign ownership has (again) been a topic of much media attention, with the Institute being sought for comment for the articles: ‘We own our farms, but not our food’, by George Lekakis, in The New Daily (8/09/2016); ‘Farmers hope foreign-owned farm register will ease investment concerns’, in ABC Rural (7/09/2016); ‘China vetoed from becoming 2nd biggest Australia farm owner’, by Rod McGuirk from Associated Press (6/09/2016); and ‘Britain is Australia’s largest foreign landowner’, in The Real Estate Conversation (8/09/2016).

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has also been in the news, with the Institute’s Executive Director Mick Keogh quoted by Rosemary Grant, from ABC Rural (16/08/2016), in the article: ‘Trump, Brexit and the polarisation of politics checks global agricultural trade’:

It’s certainly quite an important factor associated with that growth in agricultural trade volumes, as China and other countries opened up their markets.

Whether you look at Brexit or the influence of Trump, there’s a return to nationalism, he’s anti-free trade.

What we’ve seen is that even though Obama is expressly in favour of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Hillary Clinton has also said she’s opposed to the TPP, so in a sense Trump has dragged Hillary across.

Certainly at the global level it seems as if the enthusiasm for further freeing up agricultural trade has waned from where it was a few years ago.

Image:  Sally Beech