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From where? Home truths about what you’re really eating

‘Confused’ is the adjective now commonly used to describe consumers who wish to select Australian food products at supermarkets. Information on product labels has little if anything to do with where a food product was actually grown. And those ‘Aussie-farmer friendly’ major retailers – so keen to advertise and promote how much they help Australian farmers – seem to be at the forefront when it comes to creating confusion about the national origins of food products. (more)

Following the introduction of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), the Institute has developed an online calculator to help users work out the quantity of greenhouse gases a typical mixed-farming enterprise generates, as well as which farming enterprises generate the most and have the highest abatement potential. (more)

Dr Andrew Moore from the CSIRO Sustainable Agriculture Flagship responds to August Insight's Feature article with: 'Science and environmental policy: models without data are empty, but data without models are blind.' (more)

The Hon Sussan Ley MP and Senator Scott Ludlam provide comment on the role of social media in contemporary politics. Readers are invited to continue the discussion on the Institute’s blog. (more)

Growing media excitement about the future potential of Australian agriculture as the next ‘boom’ sector of the economy has triggered a new-found agrarian enthusiasm. Some commentators may be unaware of the dangers of taking the agriculture sector's official statistics at face value. (more)

In this edition, biofuels are found to be unsustainable; organic food claims are questioned; US country of origin labelling is declared discriminatory; and French GMO research described as insufficient. (more)

A review of Australian Farm Institute activities, including media interest on the topics of foreign investment in agriculture, and the linking of Australian and European carbon markets. (more)

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