Strategic Roundtable Conference 2004

The inaugural Australian Farm Institute Strategic Roundtable Conference was held at The University of Sydney Holme Building on 2–3 December 2004.

The Roundtable Conference was held with the objective of providing leaders in Australian agriculture with an opportunity to consider and discuss the strategic issues that are likely to shape the future of Australian agriculture over the next decade. It also provided an opportunity for broad industry input into the Institute’s 2005 research program, as determined by the Institute’s Research Advisory Committee and Board in early 2005.

Conference participants included Boardmembers of the Australian Farm Institute, members of the Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, Institute staff, invited speakers, and Australian farm and agribusiness leaders. As well as providing participants with an excellent opportunity to network with leaders of Australian agriculture, the speakers providing presentations to the conference gave valuable insight into the domestic and international forces that are likely to shape developments in Australian agriculture over the next decade.

Speakers included:

  • Professor David Hughes, Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College, London
  • Mr Peter Corish, President of the National Farmers’ Federation
  • Mr Vivek Tulpulé, Deputy Executive Director, ABARE
  • Dr Warren Parker, Visiting Research Manager, IMBcom, University of Queensland and formerly Chief of AgResearch New Zealand
  • Coral Love, National Landcare Facilitator, Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry


Top far right: Peter Corish - National Farmers' Federation; top left: Les Copeland and Jim Pratley - Australian Farm Institute; top right: Mark Buckingham, Monsanto Australia; above left: Mick Keogh - Australian Farm Institute; Mark Panitz - Growcom; above right: Jodie Yates, Econtech.