Managing the future of Australian farm land (28-30 May 2012, Sydney)

This is a past event.

 A major conference discussing future policies for Australian farm land with 18 speakers, 1 Field Trip, 6 sessions, and  5 interactive workshops. Some critical questions addressed included:

Should productive farm land be protected from mining and urban encroachment to guarantee Australian food security?

Is it inevitable that agricultural activities will be pushed away from big cities?

Is it possible to solve the food versus energy challenge when mining and farming are competing for the same land?

Do farmers have any real options other than selling when non-agriculture buyers offer over the top prices for farm land?

How much ‘conservation land’ is enough and can conservation and farming co-exist and thrive in the same landscape?

Is overseas investment in Australian farm land a threat, or a benefit?

Issues discussed with international and Australian experts

From left to right: The Hon Katrina Hodgkinson, Jon Scholl,  Dr Ward Anseeuw, Associate Professor Trevor Budge, Fiona Simson, Tom McKeon. Learn more on the speakers profile page here.

Field Trip: Monday 28 May 2012  

Conference Dates: Tuesday 29 May 2012 and Wednesday 30 May 2012

Venue: The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, 27 O'Connell Street, Sydney.

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