Drivers of Future Agricultural Productivity Growth

Research Seminar

1-5pm, Tuesday 13  November 2012

Customs House, 399 Queen St, Brisbane

This is a past event.

Productivity growth rates have slowed in the Australian agricultural sector and there is growing pressure to increase productivity gain despite limits to access of land and water resources.

The Australian Farm Institute asked an expert panel to tackle the issue and pose realistic productivity growth targets over the next two decades, the most likely technological changes required to achieve productivity gain, and the barriers impeding development.

The report's authors will present their findings, followed by an interactive panel section.

Contributing authors are:

  • Dr John Mullen - Future productivity ad competitiveness challenges
  • Prof Mark Tester - Plant breeding, nutrition and pest management
  • Prof Mike Goddard - Technologies for pasture based livestock industries
  • Kevin Goss - How will future gains be achieved in Natural Resource Management
  • Dr Peter Carberry & Dr Brian Keating - Alternative energy, water and machinery systems
  • Prof Bill Bellotti - Human Capacity
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The Australian Agricultural Roundtable Conference 2012 will follow the Research Seminar, commencing 6pm, Tuesday 13th November.