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US Senate Environment committee sends Boxer-Kerry Bill to the Senate

- Friday, November 06, 2009

The US Senate's version of climate change legislation (the Boxer-Kerry Bill) has been sent by the important Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for a vote by the full US Senate, despite a boycott of proceedings by Republican members of the Committee. This is seen as an important step in process of having the Bill voted on by the US Senate, and if successful paving the way for a composite piece of legislation the could be supported by both houses of the US Congress.

US political website The Hill reports that the Bill is yet to be considered by a number of other US Senate committees, and there is no certainty on the likely timing of the Bill being voted on by the entire US Senate. The Boxer-Kerry Bill sets slightly more ambitious emission reduction targets that the Waxman-Markey legislation carried by the US House of Representatives, and does not contain the same range of agricultural offset opportunities, although it is anticipated that these aspects will be added to it during Senate processes. A detailed description of both these pieces of legislation is included in the most recent Australian Farm Institute Insights newsletter.  
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