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New Zealanders don't support Ag inclusion in ETS

- Thursday, September 24, 2009

A survey of 1,000 New Zealanders has revealed that most people do not support the inclusion of livestock emissions in the New Zealand emissions trading scheme. The survey also revealed that a large proportion of respondents are uncertain about whether or not livestock emissions should be included in an ETS.

Speaking about the outcome of the survey, NZ Federated Farmers President Don Nicholson said "New Zealanders are saying ‘non' to the inclusion of the agricultural sector if the world's largest dairy exporter, the European Union, keeps its farmers out.  They are also saying ‘no way, Jose' if the United States, the world's number three dairy exporter, gives their farmers a free pass as well.

"Subsidised farmers in the US and the EU will get their subsidy cake and eat from the environment while Kiwi farmers will be punished for farming without subsidy. 

"There's no way New Zealand's exclusion of natural biological emissions arising within the farm gate can be labelled a free ride.  If an ETS is implemented, farmers will be paying on the fuel, food, energy, building materials, animal remedies and fertiliser with everybody else.

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