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Kiwis divided on ETS details

- Monday, August 31, 2009

The results of a public opinion survey of New Zealanders on a range of issues associated with emissions trading policies has shown that there is a considerable division of opinion on specific aspects of an ETS, and in particular on the role of agriculture in the New Zealand Scheme.

According to the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development which released the results of the survey, on the specific question of agriculture's involvement in the NZ ETS,


• 43% believe agriculture should be included in the scheme (31% oppose)
• 57% of senior decision makers believe agriculture should be in the scheme (25% oppose)

Asked if they supported or opposed farmers being given free credits before they fully enter the ETS, as an incentive to start reducing emissions immediately

• 31% support, 35% oppose
• 32% of senior decision makers support, 39% oppose

The results seem to confirm that voters do not have a great deal of understanding of what an ETS is, or how it will work.

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