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Farmers need incentives to reduce emissions - EU

- Friday, September 18, 2009

The EU Agricultural Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel has highlighted the challenge associated with trying to reduce farm emissions will still feeding the world in a speech to EU Agriculture Ministers in Sweden. Her key message was that the farm sector will need to be provided with significant incentives, as well as sustained research and development investment in order to cope with the challenge presented by farm-sector emission mitigation.

In her speech, Fischer Boel highlighted that simply burying farmers in additional rules and costs will not work. She stated;

With regard to mitigating climate change, we must strike the right balance between binding requirements and positive incentives. It's not an option just to bury our farmers in rules. If we make life too difficult for them, we will drive production overseas. Then our food imports will rise – creating even more greenhouse gas emissions!

Clearly, ongoing research and development of technology and practices will be essential. And as these become available, we must be smart about spreading them. So we need good, strong networks and partnerships – within the European Union, and internationally.

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