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Australian Greens release climate change policy proposals

- Monday, October 12, 2009

The Australian Greens have released their preferred policy approach for adressing anthropogenic climate change, proposing much stronger greenhouse emission reduction targets (at least a 40% emission reduction by 2020 compared to the Government's 5%), placing limits on access to international offsets, and providing less compensation to the electricity sector. The proposed role of agriculture in the scheme is unclear, although there is significant discussion about 'green carbon' and how it would be regulated.

Whether or not agricultural emissions would eventually attract a emission liability is unclear from the briefing papers. The policy proposes to regulate the development of carbon sink forests, and also proposes an Authority which would have a role in overseeing accreditation of projects involving soil carbon sequestration. ┬áThere is also no discussion about Kyoto Protocol greenhouse accounting rules, which are a major issue in considering the future role of Agriculture.  
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